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    How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help with Odour Elimination and Keep Your Home Fresh

    Stepping through the doorway into a home that greets you with a fresh and clean scent is one of life’s small pleasures. And what a different experience it is to walking into one that smells musty, dusty and like dog pee. Euugh !

    We all know regular carpet cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy and clean home. But did you know the role it can play in helping with odour elimination and keeping your home smelling fresh?

    You see, carpets are notorious for trapping odours, everything from pet accidents and spilled beer to smoke and more. This is where Brightaire can come to the rescue, save your carpets from being stinky and even extend their lifespan.

    Understanding the Source of Odours

    Before explaining how professional carpet cleaning can help eliminate odours, let’s first understand where these unpleasant smells actually can come from.

    1. Pet accidents: As much as we love our furry friends, these accidents can leave behind a lingering odour that’s hard to get rid of.
    2. Spills: Whether it’s food or drinks, mess can seep into the carpet fibres and create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, leading to nasty smells.
    3. Smoke: Cigarette smoke, fireplace smoke, or even burnt food can cause a strong and unpleasant smell to settle in your carpets.
    4. Mould and mildew: If moisture gets trapped in the carpet, it can lead to the growth of mould and mildew, causing a musty and damp odour.

    And Why Carpet Can Smell

    Carpets tend to hold onto odours because they’re made up of fibres and it’s these that absorb and retain smells. This is why those unpleasant odours can linger long after the initial cause has been mopped up. Whether it’s from pet urine, spilled milk, or just the accumulation of everyday dust and grime, these smells work on burying themselves deep within the carpet fibres, making it a challenge to remove them just with regular vacuuming or store-bought cleaners.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

    We’ve got a number of tips and tricks of the trade to draw upon when dealing with stubborn odours. Techniques such as steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, deeply penetrates the carpet fibres, removing odours at their source. Dry cleaning, another popular method, uses minimal moisture and special compounds to lift dirt and smells from carpets, making it ideal for situations where fast drying times are needed.

    Green Cleaning Products

    We know Sunshine Coast residents are environmentally conscious, and as locals, we are too! That’s why we champion the use of green cleaning products in our professional carpet cleaning services as these eco-friendly solutions aren’t only kind to the planet but they’re also safe for homes with pets and children. They work their wonders on eliminating odours without leaving behind harmful residues, and that means your home remains a healthy environment.

    Some Pro Maintenance Tips

    Keeping your carpets odour-free between our visits is also important. Regular vacuuming, attending to spills promptly, and even a regular sprinkling of baking soda as a natural odour absorber can all go a long way to helping maintain the freshness of your carpets.

    Also, if you can get your other householders to agree to a no-shoes indoors policy, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the amount of dirt and odours tracked into your home.

    Fresh is best, right?

    Odour elimination should be top of list for anyone wanting to enjoy  a fresh and healthy home environment. And while there are steps you can take in between professional carpet cleaning visits to maintain that freshness, you really need the know how of experts to help eliminate stubborn odours and give your carpets the deep clean they deserve. So next time you take a deep breath and get a little overwhelmed by any funky smells in your home, remember Brightaire’s professional carpet cleaning services can help keep your carpets fresh and odour-free all year round.

    Call our office to book your carpet cleaning service today and breathe easier knowing your carpets will be as fresh as a daisy and you get to keep enjoying this small life pleasure!

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