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    Hire equipment to fix wet carpets & remove water from your property on the Sunshine Coast.

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    Had some water come into your property? Not needing a clean but needing to dry out a room and its contents? We can help you with this.

    Hire Dehumidifers and Air Movers to dry out your home / wet carpets on the Sunshine Coast

    You are able to hire out Dehumidifers and Air movers from us for however long you need. Unsure of what equipment you need? We’ll help you find the right solution.

    Dehumidifiers help draw and suck moisture out of the rooms including walls, skirting boards, carpets, underlay and contents. Our Airmovers help circulate the moisture and air within the room to work alongside the Dehumidifers in drawing this moisture out.

    The longer water sits in your property the more damage it can potentially, so act swiftly and call the helpful team at Brightaire Property Services, to remove water from your home or property on the Sunshine Coast.

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